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"Lutz's delightful family drama skewers all that we enlightened Bay Area folk hold dear, from organic food and green tea to yoga and husbands who cook risotto."
— Regan McMahon – SF Chronicle Sunday Books

"Ericka Lutz, in this debut novel, captures the nexus of one of the most diverse places in the U.S. with viscerally mesmerizing characters and a realistic optimism for the future."
— Evan Karp - Litseen

"The Edge of Maybe speaks to those spaces in-between, both geographically and spiritually, that we mostly don’t think exist in the certainty of youth."
— Chris Lombardi - Women's Voices for Change

Author Interviews and Profiles

Ericka Lutz: "One of my big mottos has been: 'Circumvent the gatekeepers.'"
— Interview by Elizabeth Bernstein - Meghan Ward's Writerland

Ericka Lutz: "This time, I wanted to write a book where the places were real, where I could figure out how long it took to drive from one place to another simply by getting in the car and clocking it."
— Interview by Sara D'Emic – Last Light Studio

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